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We have placed posters at all jobsites advising the general public of the measures we are taking.

In times like these, we know everyone’s first priority is keeping their families safe.

At Clason Remodeling Company we’re working hard to not only deliver quality remodeling projects but also to protect your families and our team.

We are following guidance from local officials, the federal government and the National Association of Home Builders. We’re following all recommended actions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including social distancing.

These are just some of the steps we are taking at Clason Remodeling:

Watching symptoms

Our company policy is that if any employee or a member of their household displays any symptoms, they are to remain home and seek medical attention.

Social distancing

Our crews are working separately to minimize contact on the jobsite. Those employees that are working on the same site are limiting interaction and maintaining distance from each other as much as possible.

Our office staff is working in separate locations as well, with most working from home, and only one employee working in our shop.

We have also undertaken measures to protect our clients, both residential and commercial. By walling off the parts of the project we are working on, our crews can be separated from the families and businesses for which we are working. We have devised methods to safely enter and leave the jobsite without interacting with the clients, protecting both the clients and our team. It’s crucial to us to maintain the health of everyone involved in the project!

Cleaning regularly

We are observing recommended personal hygiene and regular cleaning on our jobsites. All of our jobsite crews have also been provided extensive disinfecting products. We are cleaning the site and tools every night before going home. We are also limiting the sharing of tools whenever possible.

We’re reinforcing that behavior with regular reminders to our team and have distributed jobsite posters from the National Association of Home Builders outlining best practices to prevent spread on construction sites.

Ready to adapt

We know the situation is changing daily, so we are in constant contact with our crews and clients to make sure we’re following safe jobsite practices. We continue to work with our industry associations to stay up to date on how other construction companies are handling the pandemic.

If a shutdown order does come from the government, we have plans in place to safely halt all work and secure our jobsites until we can resume construction.

Our top priority is helping our clients and team get through this unprecedented situation. We’re here to provide a safe, healthy solution to your remodeling needs.

Ready to move forward on your remodeling project or have questions about what Clason Remodeling Company can do for you? We’re ready to help you make your dream a reality. Contact us today!