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The first signs you need an updated bathroom may not simply be a leaking faucet, an outdated fiberglass shower, or a toilet that uses too much water.

Instead the first sign your bathroom needs to be updated could be how you feel when you spend time there. Are you rushing through your routines just because you hate looking at worn finishes or you struggle with a lack of storage or a dysfunctional layout? Bathroom remodels are among the most satisfying projects to have executed in your home. Because it’s a space you use daily, it’s usually completed sooner—and for less—than a kitchen or whole house remodel.

Easy on the Eyes and Efficient

Rusty, or leaking, faucets and water hog fixtures aside, warped cabinet doors, or water-damaged floors can quickly deteriorate and cause mold and mildew to accumulate in your bathroom. If things are broken, out of date, or worn then it’s time to upgrade to something better. Tile or vinyl plank flooring work well in the bathroom because they are nearly impervious to moisture. The latest metal finishes for fixtures and faucets allow you to express your style, while also saving water and money.

Light the Way for Years to Come

Dark bathrooms can be a hazard. Most accidents in the home occur in the bathroom, and dim lighting is often the culprit. Adequate lighting for fall prevention becomes more important as homeowners age. Bathroom remodels can include new windows, skylights, or other sources of natural light. Your new bathroom can include recessed lighting, a unique statement fixture, and task lighting for all the ideal types of lighting.

To Soak or Not to Soak?

Did mentioning the soaking tub convince you to get your bathroom remodeled right away? Maybe not: many bathrooms built in the late 90s and early 2000s have large garden tubs, and some homeowners never use them. You may be nodding in agreement, thinking a soaking tub is a waste of space, maybe even the source of your bathroom’s dysfunction. Your bathroom remodel can include a custom tile shower with built-in storage nooks and a tile bench. Curbless showers are wonderful for accessibility needs either now or in the future; they’re also airy and open, and easy to clean.

On the contrary, if you are a bath bomb connoisseur and want that soaking tub, opt for a smaller shower and have your standalone dream tub, with tub filler, installed.

How is Clason Remodeling Different for Bathroom Remodeling?

After you have decided on the ideal bathing options for your new bathroom, the largest item in your bathroom is generally the vanity. Why not experience the custom cabinet making of Clason Remodeling Co.? We do fine woodworking and can create beautiful, heirloom-quality vanities and cabinetry for all of your storage needs. We specialize in remodeling homes in the Lakes Region, creating spaces that combine all the timeless, beauty of lake homes, with the seamless efficiency of the latest remodeling trends. Allow us to help you out of a dysfunctional bathroom and into a home that works for your family. Contact us today to get started.